"Everytime I step in front of the microphone, it's an adventure in voice."

My Stats:
Degrees in Comunications, Speech, Theater
Voice styles - real, authentic, character, mom, sultry, announcer, corporate, narration, comedic, accents,
let's get creative!
Experience - Over 20 years voiceover, marketing, copywriting, theater
Keen sense of comedic timing
I work from my home studio in Bend, Oregon. It is acoustically treated, RODE NT1-A microphone, Focusrite Scartlett 2i2 audio interface, Mackie CR3 monitors, cute little dog that knows when to be quiet.

Turnaround - On time, when you need it.

Home studio means quick edits and pick-ups.

Recent Clients - Show of Honor Audiobook - Tawna Fenske, Tufts University, ACASI LLC, Wahoo Films, Ashtabula Medical Center, Kroger, Safeway, Incentive Health, Bend Memorial Clinic, Washington Healthcare Authority, Oregon State University, Thoroughly Modern Productions, Topsoil Theatrics, Wanderlust Tours

Aleta Nissen - Demo Reel - all genres

My Story:


I've been told I'm a character. In life, on stage, in the public speaking arena. Acting and theater bring out passion - to the actors and to the audience. I grew up in the Second City of Chicago but lost the Midwestern accent by traveling through over 30 countries and living in the Pacific Northwest for nearly 30 years. I was too practical to go into acting as a profession. So, I went into marketing while performing on many stages, created and owned an outdoor adventure company with my husband in Oregon and decided to grow a business, a family and a lifestyle instead of auditioning to be on the Jeopardy! Clue Crew - the career of a lifetime, if you ask me.


Throughout, I pursued voice acting. I am a full time voice actor. No costumes, no makeup....just character. And adventure. Join me on this Adventure in Voice.